Forks Down, That Was the Best Prank Yet!

Written By: Jessica Lemon, junior and Racquell Schramski

The 2017 senior class has yet to carry the tradition of the annual senior prank. Usually targeting the freshman, the past pranks have ranged from harmlessly zip-tying their lockers, building obstacle courses, and even placing the Grand Blanc Big Boy statue on the roof of the school’s gatehouse.

“One of the best ones I ever remember was in like 2010, Ryan Houldsworth’s class stuck like 15,000 forks in the grass, and it spelled something–if you were high enough to see it,” principal LoFiego reminisced. “It was like a math equation or something.”

Staff members Mrs. Shepherd and Mrs. Hollopeter also have favorite senior prank memories from when they’ve targeted the staff.

“Mr. Pluta gets covered in orange every year: orange shirt, shoes, bag of Cheetos… And they take all his clothes so that’s all he can wear all day,” explained Hollopeter. Orange is one of the team colors of Fenton, one of Holly’s greatest sports rivals. As a previous Holly graduate himself, Pluta despises them.

But still above all of the others was the time seniors stole the Big Boy statue from the Grand Blanc restaurant and placed it on the roof of the gatehouse. The franchise was owned by teacher Mr. Sophiea’s uncle. “It wasn’t stolen,” Sopheia said. “Just borrowed.” But at the time, the school had been rented to a church on Sunday.  Kent Barnes, the current Superintendant, removed the Big Boy Sunday morning, before any students could appreciate its placement.

Lofiego himself has had his fair share of senior prank ideas, but was never able to go through with them because he wasn’t exactly the best student. “I had plans. I wanted to bleach for sale on the lawn, but I was then told that that was destruction of property,” he said. “We were going to go paint the wall at Dale High School, which is green and gold, blue because Midland is blue and gold. That was also destruction of property, and I couldn’t afford to get into any more trouble. I just wanted to graduate.”

Although Principal LoFiego never pulled his own senior prank, the staff and students don’t feel it’s fair for this year’s seniors to slack off. “I will be so disappointed if I don’t get my locker twist-tied or see Pluta decked out in Fenton colors this year,” said freshman Josie Tschirhart.

At best, they could at least fork up the lawn… if they’re not feeling original.

But who knows? The year is not over. Maybe we’re in for the best senior prank yet.


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