Sing Like Everyone is Listening

Written by: D’ereka Sawyer, junior.

    Every spring, the annual talent show gives the many students the chance to showcase their abilities. This year is no different; however, most of the contestants have already made their debut, drawing mostly choir kids or theatre kids, who are old pros at commanding the stage. “Andrew and I are singing ‘17’ from Heathers: the Musical,  and we’re both in theatre so I can’t really tell you how many times we’ve auditioned for things, but this is the first time for the talent show,” said senior Shannon Kase, who is performing along with senior Andrew McComas.

    Just like these two, most of the acts in the upcoming show are singing acts, so it’s a battle of the voices. Senior Morgan Stillin and junior Brogan Schroeder are another performance pair with Brogan on the guitar and Morgan as the singer. “It was a little different trying out with an instrument because I usually try out for dancing, but it went very well and Morgan is a very good singer,” said junior Brogan Schroeder.

    Performing in pairs is something that sophomore Madelyn Chitwood and Senior McKenzie Chitwood know all too well. As a sister act, they performed throughout middle school in talent shows and showcases. “We’ve been performing together for a while so it was fairly easy to try out this time, we weren’t very nervous,” said sophomore Madelyn Chitwood.

    The confidence of the acts is a refreshing thing to see. If the auditions were anything to judge from, the talent show is sure to be one heck of a performance this year!

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