Common Grounds Create A Common Workspace

Written By: Jessica Lemond, Junior

Last week, Common Ground members hosted their annual equality week. They promoted equality in the community for people of various religions, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations, as well as encouraged students to participate in the annual day of silence on Friday, April 21.

“We just wanted to bring into the light just a few of the issues faced by people in our community,” explained freshman Miah Beck.

Senior Shannon Kase added, “For us, it’s like helping out our immediate family.”

Each day of the week, Common Grounds created announcements about a minority group, providing facts and encouragement to members of the group, and reminding students to respect and accept them. “We know that people don’t always listen to the announcements, but we wanted another way to get information out to staff and students,” said Beck. “We just tried to open up a conversation about equality among students because so many people won’t or can’t talk about it.”

In addition to promoting equality and acceptance in the community, Common Ground collected funds to provide for Holly High’s needs closet. Collectively, staff and students donated $641.31 in cash, 143 cans of food, and 368 personal hygiene items to aid students in need. The majority of the donations were raised through a contest between all third hour classes. Mrs. Hollopeter’s Leadership class, the winning class was rewarded cupcakes and ice cream.

Although the week of April 17-21 was especially dedicated to promoting equality, club advisor Michael Rapin and Common Grounds hope that students will always keep others in mind. “We want Holly to be a place where everyone feels accepted and safe,” said Rapin.

The week would not have been possible without the many helping hands from Common Grounds members: Shannon Kase, Katelyn Farnsworth, Keilee Grice, Faith Mendam, Ian Panasuk, Caio Louro, Tiffany Oberdorf, Elise Martin, Marissa Beck, Andrew McComas, and Miah Beck.

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