Legally Blonde, Legally Fantastic

Written By: Jessica Lemond, junior. 

Holly students from all grades and all interests made it out last weekend to watch their peers perform in the annual spring musical, Legally Blonde. The student actors portrayed a story about a spunky, young blonde determined to win the heart of a Harvard student. Senior Anna Webner played Elle Woods, the main character, challenging herself to be dramatic, confident, and vocally on point while she was onstage.

“I think she did a great job,” said sophomore Leah Ehrhardt. “I’ve seen the movie, and Anna did a good job of portraying Elle the same way Reese Witherspoon did.”

Freshman Margaret Cylkowski loved Elle’s personality. “She seems like she might be a goofy blonde who just likes to dress up and look pretty, but she’s also really smart. She’s a girl, but she’s a really powerful girl,” she explained.

Sophomore Madelyn Chitwood, who attended the play with her family, said that Elle’s love interest, Warner Huntington III was her favorite character. “Seth played him really well,” she said. “He was really funny.” But Madelyn’s sister, senior Mackenzie Chitwood, thought Elle’s other love interest, Emmit Forrest, was the best character in the play.

These characters are featured in a Speaking with the Stars: Q and A

Many students were impressed with their performances, as well as the performances of Maddie Elliott, as Paulette the hair dresser, and Shannon Kase, as Vivian Kenzington, Emmit’s new girlfriend. Both senior girls were ecstatic over how well their last performance with Holly’s theater group went.

“We have had a lot of ups and downs during my career, but I ended my career on an up, and I’m confident Holly will continue in that upward direction,” said Kase.

Elliott agreed. “We did a great job rehearsing, and everyone memorized their lines so quickly that we had time to perfect everything,” Elliott said.

“The play as a whole was just really well done,” said Chitwood. Elliott loved the vibe she got from the audience. “The audience was bigger than I ever remember it being, and we even got a standing ovation on the last show.”

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