March is Reading Month (3.23.17)

Written By:  Ms. Forthoffer, staff member

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.21.03 PM.png

Ms. Forthoffer, and her daughter reading together. Photo Credit: Ms. Forthoffer.

I was not a big reader as a kid.  Reading was difficult for me, so I avoided it!!  However, as I got older I learned that reading is fun because I found books that were interesting to me!

My favorite way to read a book is with my daughter, who is an incredible reader.  We have been waiting for the second book in the “Upside Down Magic “ series to come out!!

I love science fiction and fantasy books.  Some of my favorites are: “Hunger Games”, “Eragon”, “Matched”, and “Harry Potter”.  My favorite books are many of the same ones you love!  Most of the books I’ve read are right here in the Holly High library.  You, my students, are the ones who give me the best suggestions.   Come to our library with me and I’ll point out some of the best books!

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