Senior Skip Day

Written By: Jenna Royle, junior.

Senior Skip Day is a famous right of passage that high school seniors take as they transition into the real world. Traditionally, Senior Skip Day was the day before prom, where the ladies would spend from sun up to their picture taking moment to doll themselves up in a style worthily of the red carpet. Now, it has transformed into a one per trimester day for seniors to sleep in and get some self-declared well deserved rest.

Is this act a justifiable Senior Skip Day? Is the slow progression of more and more days getting out of hand?

 Mr. Coggins

While many seniors are focused on the joy of Senior Skip Day, few take the time to think how this affects a teachers’ curriculum and the peers they leave behind.

As a social studies teacher, Mr. Coggins is well known throughout the school. “There are some things that are time honored traditions. When it comes down to it, they really don’t hurt anything,” he said. “But, with every action, there are consequences. In this case, the seniors take an unexcused absence for the day.

Coggins spoke about his own experiences as a senior as well. “We had our own version of a Senior Skip Day where after a play, we would skip the next day of school to relax, but Senior Skip Day is absolutely an excuse for seniors to say ‘Hey, I’m out for the day’.”

Senior, Jessie Martin

Senior Jessie Martin, an avid student leadership member, spoke on her own feelings about Senior Skip Day. “Senior Skip Day is an important tradition, because we’ve seen all the seniors before us that have taken a Senior Skip day… it’s an important rite of passage.”

While Jessie values the tradition behind Senior Skip Day, she also understands how it affects their teachers. “I know that teachers don’t approve of Senior Skip Day, but I think they should be accepting.”

Jessie continued to explain how she understands that it is the seniors’ choice to skip, and they have to be responsible for that. However, to her, Senior Skip day is an important tradition that needs to be continued for all seniors.

Mrs. Harris

 As a math teacher in the high school, Mrs. Harris said, “When I have a class of all seniors, Senior Skip Day interrupts my curriculum because so few show.  In the third trimester, it is a problem since we have such a short time to begin with.” Harris is referring to the fact that seniors have exams and are released from school in mid to late May.

Her policy with her mixed classes (combination of seniors and other grades) is: she will be moving on to teach the rest of the class and it is absolutely the seniors’ responsibility to get caught up. “I have no opinion on what day Senior Skip Day is, because to me, the day doesn’t exist.”

Mrs. Harris reminisced about her own senior experience and how often a day would be picked. When spring was starting, the seniors would all go out and go to a beach or Cedar Point together. “Then it was all about senior bonding. We didn’t just stay in bed and sleep all day,” she said.

 Senior, Xavier Glass

 As a senior and LIFT mentor, Xavier Glass is an advocate for Senior Skip Day, but expressed the need for organization between the senior class, administration, and teachers. “Senior Skip Day is a rite of passage for the seniors, so they can have some leeway and get to have different experiences than other people.”

Xavier spends his senior Skip Days hanging out with friends and family he usually wouldn’t get to see due to school. He explained that there are some teachers who have negative feedback for the seniors who skip, and this is justified; yet, he expressed his want for more organization between the seniors and high school as a whole.

“Senior Skip Day is so unorganized and it needs to shift back to being more organized. Having one day per trimester is fine, but it just needs to be made aware through the school so teachers can be prepared.”

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