March is Reading Month (3.2.17)

Written by: Mr. Alexander, Staff Member   

I’m not going to preach to you about the importance of reading, that is the English department’s job, and they will carry out that task with militant precision. They will stand on your neck and pour facts and statistics down your throat as to why you should be reading everyday until you are drowning with reasons. And you know what? They’re right!


Mr. Alexander’s book choice, and self submitted picture for March is Reading Month!

You may not like to read all the things they prescribe to you, I sure didn’t when I was in school. But these pieces will teach you vocabulary, diction, and other stuff that I can’t quite remember at this moment. All this will aid in your ability to be successful in the future.

I am currently reading the autobiography, American Sniper by Chris Kyle.  Kyle was a US Navy SEAL sniper and is credited with over 150 enemy kills by the Dept. of Defense. That is the most by any one person in US military history. As a former member of the US Navy, I wanted to read this book. I want Kyle to “put me in his shoes” to experience the dangers and the triumphs he faced. You can read this book for yourself, it is right here in the Holly High School library.

I am also a big fan of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln in particular. I pick up everything thing I can on the topic. My favorite book thus far has been American Brutus by Michael Kauffman. This book is not yet in our library, but I will get Mrs. Palace to buy it even if she has to use her own money. We do have a book here called Chasing Lincoln’s Killer by James Swanson that will tide you over.

For those who know me, you are aware that I am a big “Car Guy”. I love cars! So I naturally read books about cars and car things. If you share this interest with me you would like The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein or The Man in the White Suit by Ben Collins. Both are fantastic reads

So, listen, I won’t tell you that you MUST read everyday. That’s not my job. I will tell you that it won’t kill you to turn your phone off, give your thumbs a rest for a bit and pick up something you are interested in reading and find a quiet place. Maybe put down your “XStation” or “PlayBox 12” controller and come back to reality with a newspaper or magazine. You will, eventually, be happy you did.

Mr. Alexander, VHS teacher and Site Coordinator (DEFINITELY librarian)

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