Wood Shop Nails The Play Together

Written by: Angel Gutierrez, junior

Dave Hall’s woodshop class have created items with pride whether if it’s a personal order from the community or benches for the school. “I like being in woodshop because I get to create things, and it’s fun working with Mr.Hall,” said freshman Dillon Clark.

Recently, the woodshop class have been asked to help make the set for the upcoming play, Legally Blonde. Lindsay Martin, the director and choir teacher, and Sarah Nabaty, co-director and English teacher, asked the class to build a door, camper, and a flat platform for the set.

This is the first time the class have been asked to help with the play production. In the past, parent volunteers usually helped build the set.

When Hall told his first hour students of the request, the students were excited. “I teach general work skills. The students learn how to work together and that it’s not always going to be fun, but they still have to get things done,” Hall said. “These students often help others without much recognition, but they don’t need recognition. They help because they want to.”

The woodshop class had a couple of days to work on the project. “The hard part of making this project is to put the pieces together because there’s a lot of math involved in this project. We have to make sure everything is correct,” said junior Evan Bishop.

For the project, Hall split the class into three so two students can work on one piece of the project at a time. This helped with the deadline.

Legally Blonde goes live on Friday, March 24 for the public. However, the set is needed as soon as possible in order for the actors to practice.  “I’m going to see the play, so I can see the project that I made. When I see the project that I made, I’m probably tell my friends, Hey, I made that,” said senior Griffin Backs.

Mark your calendars for the performances of Legally Blonde. Performances take place at the Holly High School Auditorium on Friday, March 24 at 7:00 pm and Saturday, March 25 at 2:00 pm and 7 pm.

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