2017 Snow Coming Royalty

Written by: Jessica Lemond, Junior

The Holly High School Varsity Basketball team beat the Swartz Creek Dragons, 64-49, in a hard fight. Both teams left it all on the court, but the basketball players weren’t the only ones winning.

At half time, seniors Erika Reddy and Francisco Valdovinos were crowned Snowcoming King and Queen 2017.  Both did not expect to be on court, much less win the titles. “My friends and I weren’t even going to go to the dance,” said Valdovinos. “When I got nominated, we decided to go because you look dumb if you don’t.”

After her third time being nominated for court, Reddy finally decided to give it a try for her senior year. “My friends always like to put me on court, but I’m not really in to it. I thought that I should stay on my senior year though.” Reddy, though not enthusiastic about being on court, was humbled to be Snowcoming Queen. “Even though it’s not really my thing, it’s sweet that I got voted on by the whole school.”

Valdovinos took a comical approach to his title of royalty. “There’s not very many kings left in the world, so it’s pretty sweet that I’m royalty.” He hopes that people will bow down before him, remarking that if he had real power, he would serve the student body by demanding better school lunches for everyone. “The food here tastes bad. I want pizza and good chicken wings every day.”

It’s clear that Holly students know how to vote the best students into power.

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