Holly Choral Groups Sing In The Holidays

By: Jessica Lemond, Junior 

The holidays are busy, especially for Holly’s choirs. On Monday, December 19, the Concert, Show, and Arioso choirs spread the holiday spirit at their annual holiday concert. They each sang three to four spirited songs and joined together to end the show with a stunning performance of “Carol of the Bells.” They performed the song acapella, breaking up in to four harmonic parts, and spreading around the auditorium to create a surround sound effect. With the lights out and each singer holding a candle, it was a truly magical performance.

“That was my favorite performance,” said staff member Becky Starick. “I’m always impressed with the talent here at Holly.”

Less than 24 hours later, the choirs visited Genisus Hospital to lead a sing-a-long. “The holidays are always a busy time,” said sophomore Serena Pascot.

Pascot is a member of concert choir, a group known for their musical voices and formal performance. For this concert, they added a little choreography. “We danced around with hats,” said Pascot. “It was a lot like a Broadway thing, to be honest. I was a little embarrassed, but I was happy everyone was doing it with me.”

Pascot was also one of the four soloists at the concert. She sang an impressive rendition of the classic “Hallelujah.” “I know I messed up a few times,” she said, “but I knew I couldn’t just stop, so I pushed through and everyone thought I did a good job.”

Sophomore Sarah Kowalik, a soprano member of the show choir, also had a solo. She sang “O Holy Night.” Despite the trouble she had backstage, she pushed through her performance. “I forgot to bring a water bottle,” she explained, “and my throat was really dry. I was so lucky my friend let me have some of her water.”

“I was surprised I even got the solo,” Kowalik confessed. “I was having a hard time picking the right instrumental track for my song, and I turned my audition in really last minute.”

Kowalik felt lucky that things went smoothly. “I just said a little prayer like I always do, and I went up onstage and did my best,” she said.

They put on a fully entertaining show, but the singers enjoyed a surprise of their own. Allison Jurcak, a choir Alumni, showed up to support the performers. “I felt right at home as the music started, seeing the same hand signals I remember from my days up onstage,” she said. “I couldn’t help but want to join in!”

“The choirs put on an amazing show,” said junior and audience member Jenna Royle. “I could tell that the audience loved it.”

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