Water Main Break Was No Pressure For Holly Students

Written By: Jessica Lemond, Junior

On Tuesday evening, a 12 by 6-inch section of a water main on Emma Street burst, causing Holly officials to issue a boil water alert as a precaution to
keep citizens safe. The water system was flushed out on Wednesday and samples were taken in for testing on Thursday. It is not believed that any contamination
took place, but officials were required by The State Department of Environmental Quality to perform two tests 24 hours apart. If both tests come back negative
for bacteria, the boil water alert should be lifted on Friday.

In the meantime, the alert is affecting the Holly community, especially students and staff in the Holly School District. Kitchen personnel are providing
all students with a water bottle and boiling all of the water that is put in to the refill jugs stationed in the cafeteria and by the main office. However,
despite the school’s generosity, some students like freshman Ben Sanders, were still very thirsty. “I couldn’t find the refill stations,” he said.

Other students were disappointed that the water bottles were so small and felt that they constantly had to refill them.

Others were annoyed with the influx of water bottles, especially their sounds. “It was like crunch time all day!” senior Aubrey Moulton exclaimed.

But many students were able to look on the bright side. The water main burst provided them with a great opportunity to revamp an earlier trend of water
bottle flipping; the fist-sized water bottles were perfect for hours of entertainment. Although staff cracked down on the students in September, even suspending
some for excessive water bottle flipping, it did not stop many of the students from making light of the situation.

Although an inconvenience, students were still provided with needed water breaks. Citizens are still able to bathe and do laundry, and the water is expected
to be safe for drinking and cooking by Friday December 2.

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