Mock Election Had Students Seeing Red and Feeling Blue

By: Jessica Lemond, junior

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The Holly High School Mock Election was held on Monday, November 7 during all lunches.

Hillary Clinton won the Holly High School mock election with 41% of the student votes, closely followed by Donald Trump with 38%. Third party candidates, Gary Johnson from The Libertarian Party and Jill Stine from The Green Party had the remaining 21% of student votes.

The students of Anthony Coggins’ AP Government class have traditionally run the mock election. This year, their goal was to simulate an actual election process with pre-voter registration and political campaign commercials.

“They’ve been very positive and well researched,” said Coggins about the commercials. “I’m proud of the way the students in this school have behaved because there’s been a lot of nasty talk but not amongst the students of this school. They’ve appreciated each other’s opinions.”

Their opinions were commonly heard among the halls and classrooms. I spoke with junior Erich Hoffman, a Clinton supporter and AP Government student  “I like some of Hillary’s ideas about the economy,” Hoffman said.It’s pretty much the same tax plan that Obama had, and I’m not into Trump’s idea of recreating Regan’s trickle-down effect. I think that if you want to improve the economy, you’ve got to focus on the lower classes.” Hoffman also said he supports Hillary because he believes that she will take action towards improving civil liberties.

Coggins is also a Clinton supporter, but stresses that it is important for him as a teacher to be proud of his beliefs, but encourage students to develop their own thoughts and ideas.

Junior Lauren Hackett and senior Joey Wassell, both Trump supporters, were disappointed in the results of the mock election. Hackett explained “I’m pro life, so I agree with Trump’s views on abortion. I would be sad if abortion became legal under all circumstances because that means that you can kill a baby just a few hours before they’re born. I don’t think that’s right.”

Wassell also considers himself pro life, although he supports Trump for different reasons. “Hillary Clinton has always been corrupt,” said Wassell, “Trump’s views on Isis are strong and Hillary will not do a good job at all.” Wassell feels that Trump is the country’s best choice for fighting terrorism in the Middle East.

Many American citizens of voting age are feeling the same way senior Daniel Stallard felt when he voted on Monday. Stallard was uncertain what choice he should make. “I believe that patriotism and honesty are important qualities in a presidential candidate,” Stallard explained. “I also think that rather than raising the minimum wage, the cost of living should be lowered. I don’t think I’ll decide where to cast my vote until I’m actually holding the ballot.”

Though Wasell is a Trump supporter, he wishes he could vote for a third party. “If I thought Johnson or Stine could win, I would vote for them. Trump is bad, but Clinton is horrible, and I have to pick bad over horrible,” he said.

It is understandable that the students were feeling emotional when it came their time to vote, even if it was only a simulation.

Overall, the students won on Monday. “The students know that whoever wins is going to effect them. The next time around, they’ll be the ones voting so this is kind of like a warm up run,” said Coggins. “They are the future leaders, and everybody who comes through here will at some point have the opportunity to vote in these elections.”

One response to “Mock Election Had Students Seeing Red and Feeling Blue

  1. Jessica:

    Thank you for the great article. Thank you for your efforts, along with many others (crack photographer Jenna Royle comes to mind) in reviving the school news press. I am very proud of our students and how they acted Monday and Tuesday. This was a good experience. Thank you for the coverage.


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